Virtual Learning


Cobb Teaching & Learning System

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5 tips for your Virtual classroom @ home

  1. Choose a designated space.

  2. Create a visual or written schedule of your daily routine.

  3. Post a calendar or dry erase board to keep track of the days, assignments, or notes.

  4. Organize your materials. Although learning is online, teachers may still expect learners to have pencils, paper, and other classroom items ready.

  5. Set up a bookshelf and a book reading space. Get some books from the local library and set up a comfortable free reading space for when there is down time or time between lessons.

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Keeping your learner on task

Making your home a classroom

During a typical school day, children accomplish a lot! In addition to academic instruction, they go outside once or twice, participate in group activities with friends, go to specials classes, eat lunch and snack, and complete projects. Teachers accomplish all of this with structured routines. Home can be tough to turn into school - Here are a few school tricks to keep your learner on task at home:

  1. Spend the first few weeks of your virtual schooling emphasizing your routine and try to stick to a schedule. Try to avoid more screentime. You can create a visual schedule so your student knows what is going to happen next.

  2. Keep your area organized. Encourage your learner to get into the habit of cleaning up after him or herself after each activity is completed. Create some file containers or cubbies to separate materials, supplies and work.

  3. Check in each hour or at the end of the day to make sure assignments are completed.

  4. Go outside and get some fresh air at least twice a day in 30-minute blocks.

  5. Take breaks every hour and get up and stretch or move around a bit, even dance, sing or do yoga. Physical activity is very important in children.

  6. Have your learner help you with daily tasks such as preparing lunch, cleaning up, and planning for the next day. Children of all ages are expected to help out at school.

*Pro-tips: If your student gets restless before independent work time is finished, break it up into parts that he can complete in sections. You can also set an egg timer for shorter sections of work with breaks in-between.